State of the Spring Market

The Spring selling season is now upon us. Traditionally sellers believe this to be the best time to showcase their home. The housing market is still experiencing a shortage of inventory and buyers are frustrated with the multiple offer situations they are encountering which, more often than not, end in a bidding war.

The experts at the National Association of Realtors have predicted an even and increasing growth in home sale values while at the same time confirming: “All indications are that we have a housing shortage. If you look at population growth and job growth, it is clear that we are not producing enough houses. Read the full article here:

In the traditional market waiting until the Spring may have been the right move, however with the low selection of homes and the recent drop in interest rates buyers are acting quickly and ready to pounce on their dream home. Buyers today are making moves to lock into these historically low rates.

My advice is to list your home as soon as you are ready. Don’t wait for more inventory, a warm sunny day or the grass to be green. Buyers are out and ready to make offers. The lack of inventory is working in the sellers best interest as there are fewer homes to choose. Buyers are anxious to lock into a low mortgage rate and make the move.

Get in touch with me today and I am happy to sit down with you to strategize your best move to get top dollar for your home.


Buy-in To the South Shore Lifestyle

Photo courtesy of Tracey Gronbach,
Unqua Corinthian Yatch Club 2019

So many people think that the Spring is the perfect time to put their home on the market. Maybe because the grass is greener or some may have some spring bulbs reaching for the sun. The truth is, putting your home on the market now, is a strategic move. There is less inventory for buyers to choose from and the buyers that are out when there is snow on the ground or the early darkness has set in, those are the serious buyers that you want to attract by listing your home at this time of year.

The truth is most buyers have already decided on where they want to purchase. It may include a search area of a few varied towns but most have already picked the location of where they want to be. They are watching and waiting for the right house and if that house comes out on Christmas Eve or the middle of April it will not make a difference to them if they are a serious buyer they will find a way to make it work for themselves.

Part of the enjoyment of living on the South Shore of Long Island is the proximity to our ocean beaches and bay beaches. There are waterfront homes that take full advantage of this opportunity as well as many homes and restaurants that simply hold a view of the serenity of the water or bay. Some may just want to walk down the end of one of our many piers to take a breath and enjoy the beauty of a winter sunset in February.

So take the opportunity now to put your home on the market, buyers will be grateful that you did so that they can enjoy the full amenities of our location during the upcoming summer months. Moving in the summer isn’t fun. Summertime is truly the time to enjoy the beach, take a kayak or paddle board cruise on the bay, throw a fish hook off the dock and see what the catch of the day may be.

Call, email or inbox me and I am happy to walk you through why this is one of the strongest markets yet to get top dollar for your house. The bay may be frozen but the home market is 🔥.



Holiday Happenings!

The ? Holiday Season is upon us.  If you are searching for a home and plan on buying one in the next year or so now is a good time to explore different neighborhoods and see that they are offering during the holiday season.  There are many different avenues to do this and still take in all of the enjoyment the season has to offer.  Here are some ideas you may want to spend some time exploring.

Amityville Holiday Homes Tour

“Sea it to Believe It”  ⬅️ Click on Link for info! Saturday, December 2nd 11 am.  The Junior League of Amityville along with the Women’s Club of Amityville and some very gracious homeowners open their houses for the time honored tradition of the holiday homes tour.  Enjoy the tour and the decorations and end the day with some tea and cookies at St. Mary’s church and explore the Lauder Museum all included in your admission.


?Tree Lighting Schedules?

❄️Winter on The Bay Festival❄️

A unique south shore winter festival located at Tanner Park, complete with ice skating, DJ’s, beer and wine tent, make your own ornament tent, ugly sweater jingle and mingle, hot chocolate and so much more!  Check out the link for more information, tickets and pricing. Winter on the Bay – Tanner Park


Ice Skating:

There are also the comforting good times spent ice skating and in front of the roaring fire at Marjorie Post Park.  Click here for the link for session times and pricing: Marjorie Post Park Ice Skating Rink Sessions.

Shopping, Dining ? and More:

This Thursday, November 29th is the  2018 Shop Tails from some of our favorites in the Village!  Dining discounts from Vittorios,  Park Avenue Grill, pick up some amazing chocolate and treats at Wrapping It Up  and purchase some breakfast/lunch discount cards at Geralds’ Market. Treat someone special to some wonderful gifts from the beautiful Bella Maison which is the storefront of interior designer Mary D’Andrea of MDA designs, so while you are shopping inquire what other improvements she can help you with during the new year!  Even more shopping at Flip Flop O Gram and the Amityville Men’s Shop  and check out the newest addition to the block of Amityville Apothecary which had its grand opening just last week! Looking for a higher level of healing, stop in Amityville Wellness and talk to Dr. Erin Hurme of the benefits acupuncture can bring to your life!  While you are at it, stop in Self Image &  Nail Image to get your loved ones their gift certificates!


And don’t forget while you are out enjoying all of these beautiful festivities check out the different neighborhoods so you can figure out where you may or may not want to live!  Explore wonderful stores, great events and enjoy the holiday season!  If you are thinking about moving in the next year you should give me a call or reach out to me in any of the social media outlets!  There are real buyers out looking for homes right now and waiting until the spring market may not be the best plan of action.  Speak with a qualified realtor® today!

Be Safe and Merry!




Low Inventory This Spring

The Spring market is well upon us and this year instead of having an overflow of houses hitting the market there is a lack of inventory.  Houses that are properly priced are getting accepted offers before the “For Sale” sign hits the ground.   They are also being sold for over asking prices with bidding wars with multiple buyers.  It is a complex market and one that should not be left for the inexperienced.

You may consider that since it is such a “hot” market you can sell your home yourself…well think twice because it may cost you more in the end than hiring a professional agent.  A pricing strategy is more than what your neighbors house sold for, it includes similar homes, a valuation of taxes and insurances as well to come to that number that is ultimately your sale price.

Another note of advice if you are thinking about selling your home, make sure your agent is doing his or her due diligence and allowing all other agents to show your home.  As a seller you want to make sure you are presented with the highest and best offer for your home with the best possible terms.  Because of the lack of inventory not all agents are working in the sellers best interest.  Be careful and make sure your agent is trustworthy and honest and working for you, that is why you are hiring them.